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Strengthening National Security Space with Commercial Partners

Space is no longer a sanctuary; it is a warfighting domain. The threat of attacks on our national security space architecture, coupled to use of advanced missile strikes against US and allied forces, has heightened the concern for our national security space architecture. We must be more resilient and persistent. A hybrid architecture will add resilience and persistence by combining government and commercial space systems into an integrated whole. Commercial systems will support not only earth observation, but also MILSATCOM, Space Situational Awareness and Space Domain Awareness. The government is leveraging commercial technology and best practices today and must do so even more. This panel will explore key examples of successes and also impediments which must be overcome.

Date: October 13, 2022 Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am Preston Dunlap

Arkenstone Venture
Col. Dean Bellamy, USAF, Ret.
Executive VP of National Security Space

Dr. Debra L. Emmons
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

The Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Rajeev Gopal
VP Advanced Programs

Hughes Defense
Jason Kim
Chief Executive Officer

Millennium Space Systems
Jeremy Leader
Director, Commercial Services Office (COMSO), Space Systems Command (SSC)

United States Space Force